Spleendenti come il sole

Founded in 1999 with Luca Marini (guitar) and Dave Rimorso (bass). First tracks recorded with the great helping hand of M. Giovanni Nocentini. Matteo Papadopoulos (drum) joined the band after few months and Francesco Gherardi (piano) completed the band's formation in 2002. Spleendenti come il sole is still active as an open source music laboratory.

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Royal Cult

A music project born in 2005. Power pop/glam/rock band that includes several mind blowing musicians like Duccio Stroppa (guitar), Tommaso Assennato (guitar), F.M. Petrini (voice), Matteo Tirinnanzi (bass) and Francesco Sabatelli (drum).

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La Statua Sommersa

La Statua Sommersa is an impro-rock band founded with Tommaso Assennato (guitar) and Frasco (drum). From 2006 to 2008 the band recorded 20 albums. Complete and free improvisation are the basis of every work, recorded in a single-session with various members. The band banned any form of planning, promoting a form of expression based on the intuition.

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A reading poetry rock band born from the creative mind of poet and performer Massimiliano Chiamenti (lyrics, voice) together with Alexy Vain (guitar) and Ivan Collini (guitar).

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Midori Dropout

Midori Dropout's solo project. A crossover of noise, experimental, acusmatic and electronic music. Recorded with few instruments and a lot of filters and effects. Tanzenhalle is the first release, ready to be played at the maximum volume.

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Cinderella Breakdown

A proto-punk band founded with Alexy Vain (guitar), Larry Paoli (drum) and Robert Rossetti (bass). Inspired by 70's rock band like: Rocket from the Tombs, Velvet Underground, Pere Ubu, Faces and Big Star. After a while David Quine (guitar) and Simone Bencini (voice) joined the band.

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#2 Record is Cinderella Breakdown's second EP. Released in March 2011 featuring Luca Baratta on the saxophone.
Roxy's on Fire
Grotowski Says
Southside Crackdown
Room Upstairz

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Triscolmorto is a music duo born in Florence in 2011. Casabuia and Midori Dropout started working on silent movies of the 30's and 40's. The common idea is composing original soundtracks for different kind of films: Experimental, Dadaist, Surrealist and other movies from unknown directors.

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