Die Lust!

A minimal disco/synthpunk project made by Frasco. One studio album (Lust!) and one live album (Die!) recorded at C.P.A. FI-Sud in 2009. Many concerts and performances around Europe.

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Pagan Years

A tribute to Roberto Maldoror Manfredini released in 2008 from Archeodada. Various musicians reinterpreted Manfredini's songs. Globoscuro, Vanessa Delirio, soundZcapa, Demetrius Grave and many others.

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Tribute to Giorgio de Chirico

A compilation of various artists that translate in music some of De Chirico's masterpieces. A seven-track album released in 2008 by Pitjamajusto. An interesting review of this album can be read here.

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The Wave (after the sharks)

A video performance made by dancer and coreographer Sabrina Mazzuoli. Soundtrack by La Statua Sommersa ("Dying in the bathroom" from "OK Gestalt").

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A musical video released by Daniele Grosso. Soundtrack by La Statua Sommersa ("L'Elettroforesta" from "Sulle orme del Maestro").

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