Starting work on videos in 2002 as video editor. Deepened knowledge in audiovisual language with Larry Bolognesi (realization of "Sunday Morning", music video) and with Carlo Isola for audio visual poetry ("Noia" 2004, a video poem based on Ardengo Soffici's lyrics).
Graduated in Visual Anthropology (University of Florence) focusing on Documentary and Ethnographic Films and Videos.
After specialization in video post production at Master in Multimedia collaborated with Interactive (Rome) and Iris Multimedia Pro (Florence). In 2008, To gather together - an interactive installation made with Daniele Grosso - won the Milano in Digitale prize.


A video based upon the melting of some colorful ice cubes. An abstract form of art with strong unplanned basis but the streams of colours has an organic feature that reveals his natural origin. It is a work close to a pure form of abstract art but also contiguous with generative art that creates a system that runs a process that we can't control. Made with Daniele Grosso, music by Midori Dropout using samples from the multimedial artist Daniele Lombardi.

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Ghost Town

Cinderella Breakdown's first single "Ghost Town" from EP "Mr. Tombstone & El Paso Chicks". Video directed by Alessio Jim Della Valle. Editing & Keyboard Midori Dropout.

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Never Let Me Go

Amanda and Gian Nobilee's first single videoclip.

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A 2D animation of Roberto Luciani's illustrations for Rural 4 Kids. Music by Marco Lamioni. Directed by Alessio Jim Della Valle.

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The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Excerpts from "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway".
A 90 mins. video made with Daniele Grosso and Martina Prest. Directed by Alessio Jim Della Valle. The video integrated Max Gazze', Angela Kinczly & The Waiting Room tribute concert for Genesis' album "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway".

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L'Apprendista Stregone

L'Apprendista Stregone (Sorcerer's Apprentice) is a video introduction to an interactive installation. Inspired by a musical project by M. Daniele Lombardi, an italian pianist with a futurist background. In 1976 he tried to build a musical grammar to teach music to non-musician. Midori Dropout and Daniele Grosso designed and built the installation and this video as a rebirth of the original teaching laboratory.

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A videopoem inspired by Ardengo Soffici's "Noia" released in 2004 with the collaboration of Carlo Isola and Marco Isola.

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Videoclip of GU's first single.

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